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About Us

The Way It Should Be

All the our products are grown and cultivated from our organic farms grown using natural farming methods. Our products are native plant varieties, 100% natural, known for their great taste and natural aroma. Our products are free from manure and pest repellants. All our products are free from harmful chemical fertilizers, pesticides, additives and preservatives.


We sell all our farm produce and value added products through our registered brand name Nerimalai. Our products include Coffee Beans, Coffee Powder, Native Pepper, Pepper Powder, Hill Banana, Banana Ribbons & Banana Slices.


Practice Indigenous Natural farming methods and best practices to produce Good Quality Food and Bridge Farmers directly to consumers establishing.


Provide Good Food at affordable Cost.

M Srinivasan - Founder

Born into a normal farming family, Srinivasan bought a plantation in the Palani Hills in 2003 and started producing coffee naturally. The Sola forest around his plantation is naturally located. With a quest and ambition to grow Coffee as a specialisation, he acquired land in a place where the beautiful Kurinji flowers, rare birds & animals and will a waterfall. These water beds are the drinking source for the rare species of birds and animals, specifically from the Western Ghats, who come to quench their thirst, which is a blessing. He started his speciality coffee journey in 2014 with good guidance. With regular quality checks and maintaining high harvesting standards, Srinivasan is achieving excellent quality crops every year, without neglecting to harm the forest & its animals.

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